Cultural Programmes

Awakening curiosity in pupils, introducing them to other forms of music and contributing to the formation of their intellect and sensitivities: that is what Talens Lyriques is aiming to do in its residencies in schools in the Paris region.

Novel pathways to the discovery of music and performance are offered in junior colleges which for the occasion become places where pupils can rehearse, experiment and express themselves in artistic creation.

In 2015-2016, Talens Lyriques is proud to mark the beginning of the new school year in three junior high schools in the Greater Paris area: Balzac (Paris 17th Arrondissement), Say (Paris 16th Arrondissement) and Langevin (Alfortville).

In t@lenschool, beginning in 2014, the Talens Lyriques has been developing innovative digital tools for musical discovery and practice: performing in a digital orchestra, interpreting or composing a musical work – these new tools make all this possible!