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The St. Matthew Passion

Jean-Sébastien Bach (1685-1750)

Piece in two parts BWV 244 (1727)
Text by Christian Picander, based on the Gospel to St. Matthew.




Cast subject to modifications.
Tenor (Evangelist), Markus Schäfer
Bass (The Christ), Wilhelm Schwinghammer
Soprano, Yeree Suh
Alto, Marianne Beate Kielland
Tenor, Simon Bode
Bass, Markus Flaig

Music director, Pierre Cao
Les Talens Lyriques
Arsys Bourgogne Choir




The Saint-Matthew Passion, with its powerful music and the strength of its text, is indeed a monumental work. Its myth was maintained in the 19th century, through the eyes of musical romanticism, and until the second half of the 20th century. However, for religious reasons, the reception of the work at the time of its premiere in the Church of Saint-Thomas in Leipzig in 1729 was not unanimously favorable. But with each revival, the music was rediscovered: in 1829, Mendelssohn performed it with various arrangements, influenced by Romantic tastes. In 1985, Philippe Herreweghe caused a scandal at the Salle Pleyel: some called it a massacre. It is true that the lightness that the conductor and the Orchestra allowed themselves in interpreting the work was in contrast with the Romantic pathos continued by Furtwängler and Klemperer. Now Christophe Rousset and Les Talens Lyriques will take their turn interpreting this opus in all of its strength, drawing on a timeless musical score that is ready to be brought to life with each performance.



Events' dates

Mon 2 April 2012 20h00 Théâtre des Champs-Élysées / Paris / France

Tel : 33 1 49 52 50 50

Tue 3 April 2012 20h00 Auditorium de Lyon / Lyon / France

Tel : 33 4 78 95 95 95

Thu 5 April 2012 19h30 Théâtre de Lorient / Lorient / France

Tel : 33 2 97 02 22 77

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