As pioneers in the creation of high school orchestras, Talens Lyriques trains pupils who are not musicians in orchestral performance, making a musical instrument available to them for a period of four years and offering two hours of teaching each week led by a cultural mediator, musicians and the music teacher.

 Pupils learn to read and play music and are introduced to a new repertoire. This collective, practical approach teaches them to listen to each other, to form a coherent group, to produce a common work of art and to take responsibility for their personal instrument – a life lesson in itself!

Pupils present the results of their work regularly in concerts for their classmates, parents and Talens Lyriques musicians.

“The orchestra-class taught me a lot and I am still very grateful for it. In my life so far it is the most beautiful and enriching experience I have ever had the honour of participating in. Thanks to you, I am proud to say I can play a marvellous instrument!"

Ambre, senior high school student, and former orchestra-class musician.