t@lenschool is a completely new project for musical discovery and practice for pupils who are not musicians, helped by innovative digital resources. Composing in the Baroque style, taking on the role of an orchestral conductor, offering the pupil’s own interpretation of a musical work – all of this is made possible by t@lenschool!

Cutting-edge digital tools (digital tablets containing new applications and a “Leap Motion” movement sensing camera) are used to promote an entertaining and lively approach to teaching. Every pupil will be taking part in an artistic experience, becoming a contributor to the production of music.

This novel project is under way in Balzac junior high school (17th Arrondissement of Paris), initially with a hundred or so pupils, prior to its scaling up. Ultimately, t@lenschool could become a teaching application available for use by all: music teachers, musical institutions and the general public.

During this preparatory stage, pupils encountering difficulties in their schooling are helping design and develop the new resources. With professional help, they take part in studio recording and the development of the software and graphics for the applications, introducing them to the professions that work with sound, images and information technology. Pupils are thus active in providing input for the definition of an application intended specifically for them.

Participation in this exciting project will help the children gain greater respect for themselves and others, to listen more attentively, to develop a taste for experiment, for discussion and concentration, as well as an ability to accept responsibility.